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As of 9/7/2010, the creative force behind this journal has moved semi-permanently to dreamwidth. You can add me there. You can lurk around and read public entries here. You can start conversations with me in this post, I like conversations.


Makeup meme!

I only started wearing makeup when I got out of college, so my entire collection represents about 3 years of accumulation and is thus very small. Here is all the makeup I own in one unruly pile:

More pictures of the same stuff in smaller piles!Collapse )

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BRBB Mix 42 - Like The Ocean

01 Make Do And Mend - For a Dreamer
02 Bright And Early - Something Personal
03 The Menzingers - Irish Goodbyes
04 Touché Amoré - Wants/Needs
05 La Dispute - Harder Harmonies
06 Manners - Orbiters
07 Canvas - I'll Never Be This Lucky Again
08 Dagwood - No Brain
09 All Get Out - The Season
10 Midtown - Empty Like the Ocean


This was my first foray into mixing without an existing story to work from, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Up until now, I've stuck to making post-fic mixes, or informal playlists that go along with a WIP, but this was a whole new world of unstructured song-compiling. To me, this mix was about that fundamental paradox of being a performer: who are you really working for, the audience or yourself? Plenty of possible angst. There's no real conclusion to this question in this mix, just an acknowledgement that it's a hard question, one you have to find peace with on your own terms if you're going to keep going. Given the obscurity of the songs I decided to use, I was half-expecting no one to pick it (and determined to keep an open mind if anyone did) but I seriously could not be happier with what halfeatenmoon did with it. Sad Patrick! All of the musical/creative/scene meta ever! I love this fic so so so much and you should all go read it immediately.

<- Back to masterpost! | Onwards to fic! ->

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a meme!

Because what I really want to do is call out and write all day but what I HAVE to do is stay at work until 6 (SO MANY HOURS) here is a meme! Stolen from pretty much everywhere and modified so it doesn't give me the too-many-plot-bunnies anxiety.

MEME: Make shit up about one of the manifold fics I've said I'll write but haven't actually written yet, and I'll write you a few brand-new sentences from it. Fun will be had??

Not an exhaustive list, but all my WIPs that I can think of off the top of my head listed out for your convenienceCollapse )

ETA: not currently open for prompts! might open it back up tomorrow morning if I get bored again tho, we shall seeee

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Gonna declare WIP amnesty (you can just declare that sort of thing, right?) so I can post this Tom/Max fic snippet.

It was originally part of a much longer fic in my head where Tom is pining after Max and they're both secretly really kinky although neither of them know it, so Tom thinks he has to date Max like vanilla people do (read: likes Cosmo thinks people should date.) Blah blah blah stuff happens and Max figures out what's going on & they ~talk. And then they decide to keep up the Victorian courtship because it is amusing to them and UST is better with open communication and idk, that's where I stopped outlining. And then I came back four months later and decided it would be better as Sean/Max and that 90% of the content had to change, but I was loath the backspace the intro I had already written! So here you go.

Oh and it is important to note that this whole fic idea was inspired by this photo (and also this one):


Tom/Max awkward courtship snippetCollapse )

Aaaand that's as far as I got! The Sean/Max version involves just as much awkward courtship, but without them being secretly kinky because I'm not personally involved in the kink community enough to write that and anyway it was sort of weird. There will be rough sex, though! If Sean can convince Max to let go of his need for ~control long enough to try it >:D

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There have been empires primers before this one! Comprehensive, informative primers that are arranged by era and band member and from which you can walk away feeling like you know where this band is coming from and where they've been, really come level with them on a karmic level and/or passionately wish you could hang out in their garage and get drunk with them. [personal profile] fifteendozentimes's empires primer is one like that! I even looked up how to make the link open up in a separate window so you can read it now and come back or flip between the two or whatever strikes your fancy.

As you might have guessed, THIS IS NOT THAT PRIMER. This is just a bunch of pictures laid out with no grand organizing principle whatsoever and captioned with whatever pops into my head when I see them. ...ENJOY.

Pictures are sourced from a variety of music/news blogs, things I saw on tumblr, the cavernous abyss of the internet at large, and the band's own twitters (they are all pretty dedicated to posting pictures of each other, it's like they want us to be happy or something). If you see anything of yours, just let me know so I can give proper credit or take it down or whatever you feel is right re: your photography.


Many many pictures, some of them are very large!Collapse )

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Hello! I've had this whole week off and am finally caught up enough on bum-around-the-internet-doing-hardly-anything time that I feel I can post here again. Not quite caught up enough to read back in my flist/circle, alas, because I have GOALS for the rest of my vacation week. Link me if you've posted anything you want me to read in the last two months or so? :D?

This trailer popped up on my facebook feed and my first impulse was to get all feminist/gender theory analytical on its ass, but then I remembered how much I loved loved LOVED any and all warrior-princess stories as a kid, so. Tentatively optimistic to see that kind of story maybe reaching a wider audience! And hopefully it doesn't reinforce too many harmful stereotypes or whatever while it's at it >_<

whoops that seems not to have embedded, let's try this:

Maybe he already posted about it here too (see above: failure to backread) but [personal profile] fifteendozentimes linked to the Fatty Thor tumblr the other day and it is truly the most delightful thing, I could read maybe INFINITE pages of it.

Productive things I did today:
  • Wrote up a writeup of the show I went to last night for my music blog! It got a bit longer than I planned.

  • Bookmarked all the fic I'd read over the past couple days.

  • Made a list of common internet acronyms for a (hopelessly faily!adorable) rl!twitter friend who will retweet stuff you say and then, after the fact, be all um what does gpoy mean? what does it mean when people say bb? He also thought 'smh' stood for 'shaking my head' which, honestly, I like a lot better than 'so much hate' and is way more applicable to my life. Can we make this a thing? LOLOL JK, CHECKED ON URBANDICTIONARY & I HAVE BEEN WRONG ABOUT THIS ACRONYM FOR YEARS. themoreyouknow.gif

  • Did not leave my apartment at all, not even a tiny bit. The door is still bolted from last night. This feels like a significant accomplishment in hermitism. \o/

Productive things yet to be done:
  • Beta [profile] juliandahling's story which ze sent me OVER A WEEK AGO dls;kagh

  • Write holiday cards! If I send them out tomorrow morning they can still plausibly be New Year's cards :D And I even bought special envelopes!

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On Saturday I have a 99% chance of getting a ride to a hardcore house show which is also a vegan potluck which is also hosted by the official Most Hipster Band In Connecticut. (You can tell they're hipsters because their name is about 40589460849685 syllables long and all their merch shirts used to be just b&w photos of their friends.) I'm not sure about the logistics of the house ownership - I picture the whole band living there, commune style, but it might just be the one dude and his love for hosting house shows.WEEKEND PLANSCollapse )


NEW SONGSCollapse )

Also since all the slide guitar on the whole album is credited to Max I get all hearteyesed whenever I hear anything remotely twangy going on in the background. THIS ALBUM GIVES ME A LOT OF FEELINGS OKAY.

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For the past... ~18 months? Longer? my period has been ushered in by a week+ of exhaustion and joint aches and gaping apathy toward goals and fun and other people and nutrition etc, and then when my actual period starts none of those things go away, but they're joined by basically every icky abdominal feeling imaginable and sometimes dizziness and nausea! blah blah blah basically two weeks of every month suck hard for me, to the point where I didn't even really feel the need to keep track of my cycle, just went by when I started feeling shitty for no reason & randomly sleeping 14 hours a night. \o/

Anyway, the point of that glorious trip down memory lane was that so far NONE of those things have happened this month and I supposedly start my period TODAY. I mean, Friday night I went to sleep before 6pm, but that was because I had just been to two Empires shows in two days and gotten approximately 4.000001 hours of sleep the night before, not because of Mysterious Baseless Omnipresent Exhaustion.

The first thing to know about these Empires shows is that ~2 weeks ago I moved out of my parents' house and my new apartment is within walking distance of the venue where they played on Thursday. There are 34543333336 other awesome bands that play there, obviously, but the timing and location of this move were arranged to correlate with this one Empires show - something I somehow managed to avoid blurting out to Sean either of the times we talked to him, which am still sort of bewilderedly congratulating myself on tbh. Perhaps my mind was just melted from the cumulative awesome of two on-point Empires shows in a row? Empires shows! IN GORY MINUTE DETAILCollapse )

Moving out! That happened. blah blah blah Hamden is awesome and you should all live hereCollapse )

Please feel free to use the comment section to ask me questions/pester me for anecdotes about SVV (the rest of Empires was just mysteriously....gone) because I have by no means exhausted my will to expound at length upon this subject. Hint: most of my anecdotes end in :DDDDDDDD BEST BAND.

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Oct. 11th, 2011

I showed my brother the Avengers trailer and was treated to a display of enthusiasm formerly only seen in baby birds at feeding time. Apparently this trailer is a Very Exciting Thing to someone who's been combing youtube for it for the past 5 months. It was an okay trailer (lol tony stark's...everything) but I'm probably going to be very disappointed with the movie unless it follows the exact plot/emotional arc of that excellent Steve/Tony fic everyone kept linking to last week.

Yesterday I had The Busiest Most Productive Day Ever (job interview! riding buses halfway across the state! closing shift where I basically walked in and cold took two orders for the next morning!) and then today as far as I can tell all I did was watch TV with the brother (we're FINALLY done with SPN season 2) and take a 2 hour nap. \o?

Things are maybe 80% settled with respect to new job/apartment, and I'm trying very hard not to obsess over the 20%. The ball is all in the other people's court right now, all I've got to do is pack and daydream about how close to the venue where Empires is playing I'll be. (Sooooooo close. ^_^)

And now I should be packing up all the stuff in my closet but all I really want to do is read these fics AO3 emailed me about. Damn you, friends who I subscribe to who write delicious-sounding things. *shakes fist* *surreptitiously switches over to the fic tabs*

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Oct. 4th, 2011

Things in this video that are the Greatest Ever, in no particular order:

- The Clarification Moment at the end. "For the record I still live here! I'm not going anywhere! Don't worry guys!1!!!"

- Mike's incredulous side-eye the one time he catches the camera on him

- Mike's look of utter concentration every other time he's on camera. GUITARING IS SRS BSNS. ALWAYS.

- Bill's outfit. Is he on the way to an Alice In Wonderland con? I think he probably is.

- The song! I guess it's pretty awesome, has some catchy parts. Will eagerly await the full version.

- Basically all of Bill's choices during the instrumental interlude <3___<3

- "I can't sleep on nights like these -" *blatant head-turn toward Mike* "-I can't sleep in Chigaco, I'm leaving." BE MORE OBVIOUS, BILL, PLEASE. It is possible you two are not quite visible from every single corner of space yet.

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Sep. 27th, 2011

Here is an entry where I don't talk about anything interesting or personal because I have a mortal fear of jinxing plans that are in progress but not yet quite realized! It's a cool phobia to have, it leads to plenty of really open communication and really smooth accomplishment of said plans. I would even go so far as to recommend it to friends :D:

(It's like that thing where you're not supposed to announce babies before however many months in case you have a miscarriage. Is that a thing? Anyway.)

ETA: I am not pregnant.

In non-spoilery news, I got a new computer! It is tiny and hard to type on but weighs about as much as three feathers and fits in all my bags, so I shall carry it everywhere and NEVER not be able to write fic \o/ Over the past week I've been sloooooowly introducing all my photos/music/art to it in little 8-gb packets, and I think it's nearly ready to be part of the family. /rambling puppy metaphor.

Windows 7 is very weird when you're coming straight from XP. WHAT ARE ALL THESE NEWFANGLED BUTTONS WHAT DO THEY DO.

If this whole delicious fiasco doesn't get cleaned up I am strongly tempted to just leave my bookmarks to molder on the now dysfunctional site and start clean on pinboard or something. It can be a record of all the fic I've read from fall 2011 - onward. That will...eventually be as useful as my current archive that goes back to when I first got into bandom 2 years ago, yes? Sigh.

But seriously, strongly considering this.

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>:( bad news >:( and also good news :)

The bad: megabus is a festering garbage wreck and I will not have any fangirls this weekend >:(((((((((((((((

The good: brillingspoons has opened ladies_fest for prompting half an hour early! Prompting runs until September 25th! ANY FANDOM. ALL THE FANDOMS. This obviously means you should all go prompt a bazillion bandom ladies stories so I can have even MORE wip temptation. :D

Join us over at [profile] ladies_fest, where all the fandom ladies kick ass, take names, and don't let anyone stand in their way!
Prompting starts 17 September 2011!

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First order of business is the icon meme from psuedo_catalyst. Let me know if any of you want to play along and I'll pick out 5 icons for you to talk about :)

icons!Collapse )

Other stuff! I signed up for bandomreversebb as a mixer and am already having 23058205 bazillion ideas for mixes. The one I'm most excited about has to do with [SDLKFDJSA;LGK SPOILERS, REDACTED] and it will be all manner of angsty and delicious even if no one ever ends up writing fic of it. Finally, my love of making obscure and pointed playlists has found its natural home. I'm going to need to listen to a shit ton of bb!Brand New, which is probably the only vaguely non-spoilery thing I can say about this project. Why is the deadline so far away? *sits on hands*

Stuff has been more hilarifying than usual at work lately. Yesterday I got a free coffee from the copy center lead for passing a certification test for my coworker who would otherwise have to get demoted from the copy center for not being certified. The fact that our manager would look at that and be like "Yup, cpc lead, just do whatever you have to do to get her test passed WINK WINK" makes not one shred of logical sense to me (I mean, he makes us follow all the boring, awful rules, but ones that could actually impact productivity because someone doesn't know what they're doing? Who cares about THOSE.) But whatever, I got free coffee out of it and am now apparently more indispensable than ever. MOST ETHICAL WORKPLACE.

All Get Out put their new album up for streaming today and it is greeeeaaaaat x______x

That is all.

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Sep. 14th, 2011


brb staying up until this whole mess has been rectified /o\
blah blah blah boring introspective stuffCollapse )

Also I read some angsty fic today and it was super great, you should all check it out if you are a Ryan Ross aficionado and/or happen to be/love/want to be wallowing around in malaise: I lost myself by 1842

Or, alternately, if you are a fan of schmoopy/angsty/wonderful present-day Panic! dudes being all faily in love without knowing it, here is an A+ pretend boyfriends fic: In Simulatione Veritas by [personal profile] eledhwenlin

(In case you were wondering, yes, yes I did spend 90% of my day off reading fic. PRIORITIES, HOW DO THEY WORK?)

Other things that I also accomplished, just for the record~Collapse )

Oh and also on friday I went to new york city and saw cobra and TAI and hung out with many cool internet peeps it was super great and I am probably going to post about that in its own post? At some point. IT WAS SUPER GREAT THOUGH. SO GREAT. UNF.

Oh and also I am trying this thing where I turn LJ comments back on! Because as much as I like having all conversations in the same place I also am not feeling nearly as paranoid about the internet as I was when I turned them off. *shrug* WE SHALL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.

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tonight! TONIGHT!!!

Later today I'm hopping on a megabus and going to see the FBR 15 show with Cobra Starship, The Academy Is..., and Gym Class Heroes. So basically ALL OF THE BANDS in this video. So so so excited :DDDDDDD

If any of you are going to be there we should say hi!

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Sep. 9th, 2011

This is a livejournal thing but it looks like it's going to be awesome!

Join us over at ladies_fest, where all the fandom ladies kick ass, take names, and don't let anyone stand in their way!
Prompting starts 17 September 2011!

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Sep. 4th, 2011

My to-do list for tonight is to finish reading all the million fics I have tabbed and am reading simultaneously, leave feedback, and bookmark. I MIGHT be up all night D:

In other news, I have been thinking a lot about this song lately/ever since I heard it for the first time it friday night (late to all parties, blah blah blah):

Basically this is really really gay. Discuss.

And because this song takes me to a fucked-up-but-I-gotcha-bro Gabe/Pete place every time, I went back through my delicious and reread all...two of my favorite Pete & Gabe fics, which I will link here because they are awesome!

Floatation by morganya - Pete and Gabe are brooooooos! Gabe likes to boldly try all the new-age shit he can get his hands on! This fic is too adorable to be allowed and hits way deeper than slice-of-life fic usually does for me.

Guest Vocals By by [personal profile] inlovewithnight - toooooooooo good. This is exactly the piece of Gabe's life that fascinates me most, right when he's about to make it big but doesn't think it'll really happen and feels like it's happening for all the wrong reasons and he's all hurty and self-destructive. And Pete! Pete is there for him because they are BROS even when the going gets tough! This fic is pretty much what I think of whenever I listen to Help Me Sleep by Midtown because a) GAAABE and b) insomnia! Existentialism! the moral of this post is basically that in my mind everything is songfic. NOW YOU KNOW.

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Comment with a pairing/situation and I will write you the world's tiniest commentfic! Good until my phone battery runs out (at over 50% now) or my manager busts me for texting too much, whichever happens first!

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Sep. 1st, 2011

I think the mail carrier knows how badly I want my The Juliets CD to arrive and just skipped delivering any of our mail at all today. He was delivering mail on the other side of the street while I was eating lunch, I saw it with my own eyes. A whole hour later, do we have any mail? Nope. (I just want that CD, dammit.)

The store flooded in the hurricane and still isn't open yet. It sits in this depression surrounded by a river on three sides, so this was kind of a given - the parking lot floods whenever it rains for more than three or four days in a row, which is to say several times a year.

(Who decided to build a store here?Collapse )

As far as I know only a few inches of water got in, but it soaked the carpet and most of the cardboard displays and a lot of merch had to be damaged out. Work the past few days has been very noisy (fans and dehumidifiers running) and smelly, but also relaxing because all there is to do is stock the shelves. No customers!

On the creative front, I haven't written anything since my BBB went up last week. Deadlines are both the bane of my existence and the only thing that actually gets me writing /o\

Oh well, I'm supposed to be spending this month apartment hunting anyway.

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updates and stuff

The instructions said to post all bonus content etc on livejournal, so there's no sign of it over here, but my bbb is up! It's Tom/Sean, 24 K of not-remotely-canon-compliant X-Men AU, for those who've managed to miss me freaking out about it in a spoilery manner as was my wont. Effusive thanks, etc, are in the ao3 post.

I also updated my music sharing post! You are, as always, encouraged to make use of it.

Thirdly, the virginfest is still going strong! There are about a bazillion prompts still open and a bunch of fills, if that sort of thing tickles your fancy. I wrote an extremely ridiculous Ian/Spencer ficlet for it while I was waiting for my bbb to come back from the beta - apparently Ian/Spencer is my panic otp now? Numbers don't lie.

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Introducing the Pan-Bandom Virginfest!

Because I am very good at getting myself pressured into doing things on twitter...

Pan Bandom Virginfest, bb!FOB banner
(banner credit: [personal profile] octette)

Leave prompts, fic ideas, fics, pictures, recs, mixes, whatever you can think of! The pornovirgin festahon is a free-for-all. Anything that has anything to do with virgins is fair game...experienced character A pretending to be a virgin to seduce character B? Virginal character C pretending to have lots of experience to seduce D? Actual virgins having actual sex for the first time? Go for it :D

-> There is no minimum rating

-> If you're leaving multiple prompts, please put them in separate comments for ease of organization :)

-> Anon comments are enabled, as are OpenID comments.

Additional banners for linking, if you feel so inclined!


Four times Spencer refused to help Brendon lose his virginity (and the one time he didn't)

Spencer wasn't anything close to Ian's first time, but they both get off on pretending.

Brendon/Spencer College AU

Brendon goes back in time to give Spencer a good first time

not-at-all-virginal Ian plays up the innocent bb virgin thing because he thinks Brendon (and/or Spencer) might be into that

bb!Panic, where Spencer and Brendon have been together for a while and discover that for all of his bravado, Ryan is still a virgin, and really wants to but is kind of freaking out a little about having sex, and they offer to help.

Mikey has never been fucked and asks Ray to help out

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Aug. 18th, 2011

I started today thinking I knew exactly which fic I wanted to work on, but then I read the wrong end of the TAI primer (the recent end) and that got my head in a weird place and now I don't know WHAT I want to write. I have the day off, though, it would be silly to waste that. Hence, WIP meme!

Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous. Feel free to ask about anything and I'll tell you the premise or paste you a tidbit for any of these.

Multiple questions encouraged.

Tom/Max pining fic

Tom/Sean PWP sequel

Tom/Bill/Mike love triangle of d00m

Bill/Mike w fake dating

chelsea/nicole hs au

copyshop au wip titles are the most boring. Also damn, I am writing a ton of fic about tomrad. \o?

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Aug. 7th, 2011

Supposedly staying away from DW until I finish my BBB (I downloaded the Scrivener beta! It's really sexy) but [personal profile] octette posted a giant all-encompassing recs list of pre-2010 bandom fic and I kind of want to read every single one of these immediately, all at once. Maybe you have more free time and would like the opportunity to do just this! Maybe...I don't know, it seemed very important to make a post about this two minutes ago. >_>

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Due to a bunch of procrastination last week and getting called into work on two of my three days off this week, my BBB is still in very very rough draft form and I only really have today to finish it. (Provided I want to give my beta(s) any time at all to work on it.) Toward that end, I'd like to enlist your help...

Comment on this entry and I'll tell you my current word count, along with any non-spoilery story stuff I'm currently struggling with. Hopefully this is enough to get the juices flowing and keep them like that. *crosses fingers*

Starting word count: 13093

Ready set GO.

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